The Time I Ruined A Musical

My senior year of high school, I wanted to play the title character of Cinderella in the spring musical but got cast as a tap-dancing chef. Then, in the first semester of my freshman year of college, I was given the chance to play her in Stephen Sondheim’s masterpiece and my all time favorite musical, Into The […]

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Things To Keep Reminding Myself

1. No one is ever going to fall in love with you from across a coffee shop. Literally never. 2. But that doesn’t mean that some really cool shit can’t happen to you. Like, really cool shit. 3. Your appearance does not define you. 4. Put your fucking phone away. 5. Think about where you were […]

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On A Creative Life

I’ve come to realize that there are two types of people in the world: artists, and everyone else. I know that that sounds pretentious and horrible, but it’s just true. And by “artist”, I don’t necessarily mean someone who has a knack for figure drawing or can write a kick ass poem. I just think […]

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One Year Out

“Watching you thrive creatively over these past few weeks, it’s made me want to thrive. It’s made me want to find a hole in the world in the shape of me and just fill it up.” -GIRLS, Season 3, “Two Plane Rides”   As a Creative Arts major, the final requirement for my degree was to […]

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