Things To Keep Reminding Myself

1. No one is ever going to fall in love with you from across a coffee shop. Literally never.

2. But that doesn’t mean that some really cool shit can’t happen to you. Like, really cool shit.

3. Your appearance does not define you.

4. Put your fucking phone away.

5. Think about where you were a year ago. Two years ago. How much has happened to you.

6. Think about a year from now. Two years from now. Ten years from now. How much is still going to happen.

7. You’ll get there.

8. Breathe.

9. Get over yourself.

10. Your family is the greatest.

11. The world is insane, and cool, and wonderful, and you are lucky you get to be alive in it.

12. You’ll get there.

13. Do the thing. 

14. “Fat” is not an insult.

15. “Skinny” is not a compliment.

16. You can probably be doing more.

17. There will always be someone smarter than you, better than you. But nobody has your perspective.

18. Stand up straight.

19. You’ll get there.

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