Untitled, Part I

It’s the tea kettle that wakes me up. I jolt upright, slightly disoriented. The sun gleams brilliantly through the tall windows that line the walls of Jonathan’s loft, splashing light across the floor in front of the bed.

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The Lie

The things that we want to remember, we never really can. And the things that we don’t want to remember will always be there in the back of our minds, perfectly intact.

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Far Away/Here

It was obvious at that moment that I had no idea I wanted or needed out of a relationship, or even what a real relationship was about. And that because of this, I was about to settle.

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Ode To Sinuses

It is a classic “you only had one job” type of situation. Your job is to allow oxygen and mucus flow freely yet this a thing you do not seem capable of.

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