Far away/Here

John was far away. Geographically, he lived in New Jersey, a place I told myself I would never travel to for a boy (or anyone, for that matter) until I found myself on the hour-and-a-half train to his hometown one August day. He was recovering from surgery, and I was visiting him for the afternoon. […]

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Ode To Sinuses

Oh, sinuses. I want to love you. I really do. You are in my face so it makes it kind of hard to ignore you, so I truly do wish we could get along. But our relationship is complicated. Tumultuous. The nature of it could even be described in the same words as the state you often choose […]

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Attention To Detail

I’m a writer. It’s sometimes hard to believe that that sentence, containing only three words, took so much struggle and resistance to finally be able to say. I’ve always known it in some capacity, but I spent an embarrassing amount of my life rejecting it in favor of what I thought to be a more […]

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The Beauty of a Story

A little girl skips up the front steps of her grandmother’s house, her sister following close behind. On the way, she notices the bright pink zinnias her grandmother has lovingly planted in the dirt. The girls ring the doorbell. Seconds later, a familiar face appears in the doorway. Their grandmother smiles back at them and […]

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2 Girls, 1 Obsession

Hi. Hello. Good day. Were you having a good day? Well, it’s about to be a MONUMENTAL day. That is, if you have not yet been introduced to the music genius that is Jack Garratt. I recently had the pleasure of being enlightened by my dear friend, Katie, whom I lovingly refer to as “Laz” […]

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Running Into The Fire

A few months ago, I saw Sleep No More- an extremely interactive and highly conceptual interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth- for the second time. It’s an incredibly unique show in which audience members are free to roam about an intricate, multi-level “abandoned hotel” as scenes from Macbeth are voicelessly played out around them. You can choose to follow the actors […]

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